I am a nutritionist and a nutritional therapist Annely Püttsepp.

I obtained my higher education from Tallinn University, majoring in psychology. After graduation, I lived abroad for a while pursuing one of my greatest passions, kitesurfing. When I returned to Estonia, I started working as a cook instead. After the birth of my first child, I decided to make a U-turn in my professional life and started studying at the Annely Soots School of Health, at first nutrition counseling and later nutrition therapy. In addition to acquiring the main specialty, I have also completed several additional trainings at the same school and am actively upgrading myself to this day. I am a member of the Estonian Association of Nutritional Therapists, Estonian Association of Dietitians and Estonian Celiac Society.

I am married and a mother of two small children. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling, playing sports, cooking, snowboarding and kitesurfing, long walks with my family’s tiger boxer dog, reading and spending time in nature and in my country cottage in Kääriku.

My mission is to help people eat healthily and health-supportingly in such a way that it does not cause unnecessary stress, excessive worry and time consumption. Each person is an individual and the various diet plans that are easily available on the internet are not necessarily suitable for everyone. I approach all those who need help personally – together with the client, we go through the questionnaire filled out by him/her, correct the menu and set common goals for the client’s journey in becoming healthier.

I live in Tallinn and I take clients at the Fertilitas private clinic, virtually through an environment that suits you (Skype, Facebook, Teams, etc.), face to face at a place that suits you, or if you wish, we can also meet at your home. It is possible to come to the appointment through the Fertilitas reception desk or by writing to me directly.

Educational path
2014 – Tallinn University, psychology (BA social science)
2020 – Annely Soots School of Health, nutritionist (1.5 years; 23.45 EAPs; 610 hours)
2023 – Annely Soots School of Health, nutrition therapist (1 year; 13.85 EAPs; 360 hours)

Advanced training
2022 – Annely Soots Health School, children eating playfully
2023 – blood test interpretation training (on completion)
2023 – Cytolisa/Cytotoxic tests

You can contact me if you need nutrition counselling or nutrition therapy in connection with the following topics: 
– overweight or underweight
– nutrition counselling for children
– nutrition counselling for pregnant women
– nutrition counselling in case of hormone therapy
– a healthy and balanced diet
– milder indigestion
– lack of energy and fatigue
– vegetarian diet
– veganism
– Type II diabetes
– cardiovascular diseases
– podagra
– kidney failure
– anaemia
– cancer
– nutrition counselling for the elderly
– bariatric nutritional counselling
– personal nutrition plan according to the client’s concerns/wishes


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