Nutrition counselling

60 EUR / 60 min

You could consider nutritional counselling if you want to improve your eating habits, achieve weight goals, or simply gain knowledge about healthy eating. A nutritionist will assist you with personally tailored advice that will help you eat healthily and in a balanced way. Nutrition counselling is an investment in your health and well-being and helps you make lasting changes in your eating habits.

Nutrition therapy

70 EUR / 60 min

Nutrition therapy consultation could be your choice to prevent various diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, etc. With nutritional therapy, it is possible to support the body during and after the illness. Nutritional therapy is helpful for both simple and difficult problems.

Written summary of nutritional counselling or nutritional therapy

30 EUR

Both nutrition counselling and nutrition therapy last 60 minutes. During this time we talk a lot and it can be difficult to remember new information. A written summary allows you to retain and store important thoughts, ideas and advice that have been discussed in the session.

Nutritional counselling or Nutrition therapy face-to-face

90 EUR / 75 min

Why choose nutrition counselling or nutrition therapy in your home or in another environment that suits you? This approach has several advantages over a clinic setting. Nutrition counselling or nutrition therapy in a place that suits you allows for a more natural and personalized atmosphere where you feel more comfortable. This makes it easier to share personal eating habits and goals. As a counsellor, I can get a better overview of your daily life and habits and offer more practical advice that better adapts to your lifestyle.

Repeated nutrition counselling or nutrition therapy

50 EUR / 60 min

A person’s life, habits and challenges change over time. Repeated nutritional counselling and/or nutritional therapy allows the counsellor to monitor how eating habits develop and how the changes affect your health. If necessary, dietary recommendations can be adjusted according to changes in your life. We will discuss what changes have taken place, analyse your concerns and share recommendations on how to overcome them. We also set new goals.

Nutrition plan

190 EUR / 7 days

There are various nutrition plans and diets on the Internet, but a nutritionist/nutrition therapist will assess your individual goals, health status, lifestyle and eating habits and create a plan that is precisely tailored to your needs, helping to achieve better and more lasting results.

Joint store visit with a nutrition therapist

50 EUR / 90 min

We will meet at the grocery store chosen by the customer and during the visit I will guide you – how and what to read on product labels, how to consciously make better choices and which products it might be wise not to put in the shopping cart at all.

Nutrition training

Take care of your company, employees and their health and invite me to speak and train.

Conscious food choices by employees increase energy levels, reduce fatigue, and improve concentration and work ability.

Nutrition training provides employees with knowledge about healthy eating that helps improve their overall health and well-being. Healthy employees are more productive and less sick, which also positively affects the company’s results.

Cytolisa food intolerance test for 176 foods together with counseling

230 EUR / 60 min

The Cytolisa food intolerance test helps the client find out which foods cause various ailments and which are not suitable for him. Food items, however, cannot and should not be excluded from your menu just like that, without replacing them with other equivalent foods. In cooperation with the Synlab laboratory, I offer the Cytolisa test, and as a therapist, I will help the client interpret these test results, find suitable replacement foods that will ensure all the necessary nutrients and a good sense of well-being.

Cytotoxic food intolerance test with counseling

The cytotoxic testing method makes it possible to determine which foods are compatible with the immune system and which are not. An immunological reaction caused by unsuitable foods can be partially or completely the cause of many health problems. Blood can be donated at Haabersti Health Center in Tallinn and Confido Medical Center in Tartu Raatus. After donating blood, it takes about 2 weeks for food intolerance test results to arrive. All food intolerance tests include one free consultation (except food intolerance test for 2 foods).

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