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Annely Püttsepp


Nutrition counselling

Nutrition counselling helps to improve eating habits, achieve weight goals or simply reinforce knowledge of a balanced and healthy diet.

Nutrition therapy

With nutritional therapy, it is possible to both prevent and support diseases, both during these diseases and later during recovery.

Nutrition plan

The nutrition plan is personally tailored to your needs, helping you achieve better and more lasting results on your journey to becoming healthier.

Nutrition counselling and nutrition therapy are both fields that focus on nutrition and promoting healthy eating, but they do have some differences.

What is nutritional therapy?

Nutritional therapy is an evidence-based approach to human health. Nutritional therapy makes it possible to prevent various diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, anaemia, kidney failure, osteoporosis, allergies, gout, reflux disease, irritable bowel syndrome, celiac disease and nutrition after bariatric surgery. With nutritional therapy, it is possible to support the body during and after the illness.

What is nutritional counselling?

Nutrition counselling focuses on the assessment of healthy people's eating habits and lifestyle, including giving advice and recommendations based on it.

Should you choose nutritional counselling or nutritional therapy?

Nutrition counselling and nutrition therapy are both relevant services, but the choice depends on specific needs, goals and individual circumstances.

Clients feedback

“Annely is passionate about the field, keeps herself up to date with the latest research and approaches the person personally. What I liked most was that she took my lifestyle into account and didn’t aim to make me a perfect textbook nutrition plan that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to follow in reality.”


strategy and business development manager

“Annely is very thorough, warm and precise. I really liked that he also has a good overview and recommendations on where to get different special foods.”



“In the flood of information on healthy nutrition, finding the right one for me was confusing, and I needed help in narrowing down my own food choices. I turned to Annely with my request. First she got acquainted with my current menu and lifestyle, then we talked face to face about what and how to change, I also received recommended recipes. Annely helped me understand what, when and also why to eat.”


risk and liability insurance assistant

“Thanks to Annely’s therapy, I realized that my diet was not as varied and healthy as I had thought until now. I received good instructions on how to make sure that the menu is based on the needs of my body. As a big sweet tooth, I also now know how to keep the constant need for sugar under control.”



“Many thanks to Annely for the practical and supportive insight into the world of my diet. I received very practical tips and balanced advice on how to deal with dietary restrictions due to lactose intolerance. In addition, delicious recipes to help make my daily meal more diverse, new and healthy ideas with exercise recommendations. I am very satisfied that Annely reviewed my eating habits with her expert eye and suggested what could be improved :)”


innovation lead

“Annely is a great nutritional therapist! Her personal approach and knowledge were of great help in improving my eating habits. She took into account my lifestyle and needs and provided practical recommendations that are easy to follow. Thanks to her, I am now more aware and healthier when it comes to nutrition. Thank you very much, Annely!”




Annely Püttsepp

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