Nutrition plan

190 EUR / 7 days

There are various nutrition plans and diets on the Internet, but a nutritionist/nutrition therapist will assess your individual goals, health status, lifestyle and eating habits and create a plan that is precisely tailored to your needs, helping to achieve better and more lasting results.

A nutritionist/nutrition therapist can also take possible food intolerances and food allergies into account when preparing a personal diet plan, and based on this, prepare a diet plan that offers a varied and balanced diet, taking into account your limitations and needs.

A personal nutrition plan is not a list of foods, but contains practical recommendations, recipes and advice. The nutrition plan is balanced and checked with the NutriData database.

PS! A diet plan can only be prepared for a client who has attended at least one nutrition counselling or nutrition therapy session.

NB! Before the appointment, please fill out the form and send it to me at least 2-3 days in advance to


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