The body is somewhat like a machine. If you give it good fuel, it will work well and last a long time. However, you don’t always know how to make all the right choices yourself, and maybe you don’t have to, and I’m here to help you – together we can do it!

I receive clients at the Fertilitas private clinic, virtually through an environment that suits you (Skype, Facebook, Teams, etc.), face to face at a place that suits you, or if you wish, we can also meet at your home. It is possible to come to the appointment through the Fertilitas reception desk or by writing to me directly.

I advise in both Estonian and English.

Don’t be alone with your worries. Write to me and I’ll help you support your health/healing with food or, in case of a minor concern, fix it!  🙂

Annely Püttsepp

+372 522 7872

ccNeck Invest OÜ

Kanarbiku tee 15/1-5, Järveküla, Rae parish, Harjumaa 75304

registry code: 16497178

IBAN: EE652200221079040689


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