Nutritional counselling or Nutrition therapy face-to-face

90 EUR / 75 min

Why choose nutrition counselling or nutrition therapy in your home or in another environment that suits you? This approach has several advantages over a clinic setting. Nutrition counselling or nutrition therapy in a place that suits you allows for a more natural and personalized atmosphere where you feel more comfortable. This makes it easier to share personal eating habits and goals. As a counsellor, I can get a better overview of your daily life and habits and offer more practical advice that better adapts to your lifestyle.

The bonus of meeting at your home is that we can also review the contents of your refrigerator together and analyse what to add or remove from it and how the food in there could be used most wisely.

All in all, this service offers you a more individualized, flexible and motivating experience, thereby helping to achieve better results and lasting changes in your eating habits.

NB! Before the appointment, please fill out the form and send it to me at least 2-3 days in advance to


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